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Death Parade: I don’t get it

So I saw the trailer for Death Parade and I’ve been looking forward to it because in some sense, it reminds me of Saw (and I liked that until the third movie).

The first episode was good and what I get from it is that only those who die together come to this place, Quindecim – a purgatory of sorts – which makes sense or otherwise there’d be no need for any game. I’m guessing those who go as a solo party have to sing or play an instrument to see if they qualify for the Heavenly choir and band (God loves music anyway). And if they don’t, hell fire and brimstone.


The bartender, Decim (he has white hair so I fell in love instantly, his interesting eyes give him bonus likes) lays the ground rules of what’s happening, but isn’t at liberty to answer the most pertinent questions like “What happens if we don’t play?” and “What happens to the winner or the loser?”. Or should both questions be self-explanatory?


So the first two contestants are a newly wed couple, a doctor and his wife. They play a game of darts and it’s no joke that their nerves are linked to the regions of the body displayed on the dart wheel. During the game, Takashi (the husband) finds out that they can deliberately miss and gain no further points for the rest of the game but his wife would win since she is closer to zero points. He remembers that he saw corpses hanging behind a screen then another memory where it’s implied that his wife may be cheating on him.

This sort of inner struggle causes him to try again for some more points (because why should he try to save his wife, who he doesn’t even KNOW for a fact cheated, right?) and he hits a target then says that he missed. I honestly believe he was lying and no one can convince me otherwise, but his wife gave him the benefit of the doubt. He hit her in a pretty critical spot, which caused her to miss when she was throwing and she hit him right in the eyes and caused him 2x pain.

The fussing continues until the end and the wife tries to clear up the misunderstanding to her husband that she never cheated and he had actually overheard her friends’ conversation about another woman, who by mere coincidence has a nickname that could also be used with her. She’s also pregnant, just throwing that bit out there.

She wins the game but apparently the husband refuses to accept this and he doesn’t know whether to believe her story or not. He suffers a breakdown and there is no Maury here, so no hope for paternity testing (plus the fetus is only ten weeks). He’s crying and screaming; tears, snot and saliva everywhere. Honestly it was the most retarded crying I’ve ever seen.

honestly, who the hell cries like this -_-?

honestly, who the hell cries like this -_-?

In the end, she decides to tell him that it was all true that she actually cheated on him and the baby is not his, though it could be (I’m sure they weren’t waiting until the honeymoon to have sex). He gets mad, tugs darts from the board to stab her to death but Decim stops him with web-like strings and restrains him.

elevators 2

Afterwards they’re taken to the elevators and are sent to either heaven or hell.

What I don’t get is the ending. The wife is sent to hell (the devil mask is above her door) and the husband goes to heaven (white face, represents heaven I guess). I don’t get it.

At the beginning, the wife comes through the heaven door and the husband through the hell door.


I honestly don’t believe that is coincidence. I take it Quindecim is the final stage of judgement. I understand why the wife has to go to hell (“the void”) because she lied about cheating. I don’t get why she did such a thing and even Decim was surprised that she lied at this critical point. And how does it make sense for the husband to go to heaven and get reincarnated? It’s such bullshit and makes no sense to me.

During the game, he did nothing that would help them and he also lied to her when he said that his hand slipped when he made the dart connect with her womb (I will not believe it was an accident). He also harbored malicious feelings, aren’t those unholy feelings? Unless the god in the anime is different from the actual God. If anything, I believe both of them should have gone to hell, or at least the wife should rightfully go to heaven. She lied with good intentions. Where are the grey areas when it comes to heaven or hell?

Anyway, I like it so far. The final judgement part was shit but I’ll look forward to the next episode. The opening is so fabulous, a distraction from all the dark mess that happens during the episode.


7 comments on “Death Parade: I don’t get it

  1. GoodbyeNavi
    January 11, 2015

    You don’t go as a single person. Its only for people who die together at the same time (Decim says this in the beginning). His wife did not lie with good intentions. She was truly a terrible person. She used him and admitted to it. She asked him “Who would marry you?” “Of course I married you for your money.” The child was not his. His malicious thoughts were “okay” because he was angry at being deceived. Many people are angry at being deceived and some lose their minds. Decim determined that he deserved a chance at reincarnation because he wasn’t truly a bad person. He simply responded negatively to how he was treated. No, he wasn’t absolutely sure at first but he was easily assuaged by his wife because he really did not want her deception to be true.

    What I’m not clear on is why she decided to tell the truth in the end. This show has a very interesting premise. Maybe it will clear some things up in later episodes. I think we will get more stories on the characters in Quindecim.

    • charlmeister
      January 11, 2015

      At first I believed that she was actually confessing but it was Decim’s reaction to that and also the way her husband responded when he realized he had lost.

      He was absolutely out of line and I think that’s what pushed her to tell the lie just to make him feel better about all those thoughts he had against her.

      There is a possibility that she actually cheated but I don’t believe that. It’s the lie that she told in the end that made her go to “hell”. Because at the beginning, she came through the heaven door and the husband through the hell door. I honestly don’t believe that’s coincidence.

      • GoodbyeNavi
        January 11, 2015

        I initially thought that as well that maybe she lied to send him to heaven. Her husband had honest reactions the whole time but the way she changed in the end with her tone and her facial expression seems to me that she was faking the whole thing. You go to heaven or hell by how you live your whole life or so that’s how I went in watching this. I think this episode deserves a rewatch.

      • charlmeister
        January 12, 2015

        I had rewatched it and that’s why I came to that conclusion. I thought her reactions were honest when she was in disbelief that he actually didn’t trust her at all. She acted the way he really wanted her to, like a conniving user.

        I also think the final judgement plays a part in that heaven or hell decision; as in you’re given one final chance to “make it in” and get reincarnated through the game, so it’s not just how you lived your life. At least that’s what I’m getting so far.

      • GoodbyeNavi
        January 14, 2015

        I believe I should also look more into the symbolism of the masks on the elevator doors. I was reading that one did not necessarily mean hell but a void of “calmness” and “emptiness”. Also, reincarnation doesn’t mean heaven, it means he needs to relive his life to get it right. So he did need to be reincarnated to try to get it right but she doesn’t because if she did indeed lie to save him, she was good all along.

  2. eva
    January 17, 2015

    Well, we know now that the woman was just trying to make her husband feel better. I had my suspicions, but now I feel sad that she went to the void. Hm, so it turns out Decim just didn’t catch the lie. So they can screw up….. Poor woman.

    • charlmeister
      January 17, 2015

      I feel sad too now that I know for sure that she didn’t cheat. But I knew that Final Judgment set-up would be faulty. I thought at first that he knew but in actuality, he really knows nothing and I like that twist to it.

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