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Corpse Party OVA 2-4: It’s sad

Guts and tongues everywhere. And eyeballs.

That’s basically all of what you’ll see in this anime.

I just finished the OVA episodes and I am just depressed about the ending. It was terrible but I’m sure there is a complete – or close to complete – happy, alternate ending because these games usually carry alternate endings.

I really liked this. I wanted more episodes but I sympathized with the characters a lot, so I’m happy it ended where it did. And like I predicted; only two survived. It could have been three survivors but that didn’t happen.

Did anybody ever watch that horror film: Darkness Falls?

Did anybody ever watch that horror film: Darkness Falls?

In the second episode, the other students got pulled into the terror of Heavenly Host Academy. Ayumi and Yoshiko were together and were almost killed by the ghost of one of the Elementary School victims but they found out that to put these kids to rest, they had to find their tongues – which were tied up in a satchel – and give it back to them. Well, that’s the first step in removing the curse and going back to the future.

There was also another ghost – of a high school student – who helped them along the way. She kept appearing and reappearing at some convenient times but it turns out that she was also a psycho – and was also the reason why the “Sachiko charm” got messed up.

(Corpse Party Knowledge: The “Sachiko Charm” was done by using a paper doll. Each person is to grip a piece of the paper then say the name of person who will be leaving the group – either permanently or temporarily –  nine times and after, rip the doll apart and keep the scrap of paper with them forever so that they can reunite as friends in the future. If someone repeats the name more than or less than nine times, then the curse follows; causing a shift in space that brings them into the past of Heavenly Host Elementary).

Corpse Party 4

Ayumi and Yoshiki managed to return to the future with the help of one of the ghosts, whose soul was partially put to rest. For a second, I actually thought that this was where the series would end – after showing us how the others ended up dying since we have our two survivors. But no. Ayumi felt the need to return to save her friends (my head began to hurt at this point). Yoshiki tried to persuade her not to go back, because even as the ghost told her, there was no guarantee of her being able to bring them back – or them even surviving. Personally, I would NEVER go back there. So, I give Ayumi props for having such a HUGE heart and incredible faith in the odds.

This scene...it was too real.

This scene…it was too real.

The ghost child showed Ayumi what had happened to her by making Ayumi experience it for herself. The torture right here. Those voice actors made this real. The screams, the crying…it wasn’t even the blood that made me look away from the screen. It was just the children’s crying.

As it turns out, it wasn’t the male teacher who was suspected of doing these crimes that was the actual killer but Sachiko, the little girl. The teacher was just an accomplice – he kidnapped the children and she did the severing and torturing. Ugh.

See, what had happened was: the male teacher seemed to have shoved Sachiko’s mother down the stairs at the school, causing her to break her neck and die (that neck angle wasn’t anything normal. I’m still trying to figure out how she fell to break her neck THAT badly). Sachiko saw and was about to run away but he grabbed her arm and strangled her. Thus her ghost was formed and how does that quote from The Ring go again:

“A ghost is an emotion, bent out of shape, condemned to repeat itself, time and time again, until it rights the wrong it was done.

And that’s what happened. Her mother’s ghost was trapped in the Elementary School and to “comfort” her mother so that she wouldn’t be lonely, she would kill children in the school; trapping their souls to wander there. The tongue and eye severing was just for Sachiko’s pleasure. But that isn’t what her mother wanted – she wanted her daughter.

Corpse Party 2

In the end, when the three survivors: Naomi, Ayumi and Satoshi, confronted the evil Sachiko, they found out the truth and gave her back her tongue and also got her confession (that’s the most critical part of lifting the curse). She was put to rest and the space began to collapse. Naomi, Ayumi and Satoshi ran outside to put their scraps of paper together and ask Sachiko to put them back into the future.



But Satoshi ended up dying. See, the thing is; while he was at Heavenly Host, he had found a school I.D of one of the highschool studen’s ghosts. His scrap of paper was inside his wallet and Satoshi took it. He had switched pieces with Naomi as a safety measure since he had seen when she had taken a scrap from one of the bodies.

He thought he had one of his friends’ pieces but it turned out that it belonged to that ghost boy. And because he, along with his scrap of paper, belonged in the past; the future did not accept Satoshi’s body.


The character who I felt the most for was Satoshi’s little sister. She had the most gruesome death. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair – even though I found her “Onii-chan” outbursts to be far more annoying than cute, I almost cried when she died.

Moral of this story: Don’t EVER do charms.


14 comments on “Corpse Party OVA 2-4: It’s sad

  1. medievalotaku
    August 26, 2013

    Man, I could never watch something like that. I did see Darkness Falls, however. A great horror film!

    • charlmeister
      August 26, 2013

      Oh, not a fan of gore?

      Darkness Falls is one of my favorites 🙂 and there were a few more horror movie references I could have pulled from Corpse Party but the Darkness Falls one really stood out for me.

      • medievalotaku
        August 27, 2013

        Yeah, stories with too much gore have never really appealed to me, especially in horror movies. I much prefer a more Gothic style to horror, like you find in Christopher Lee’s Dracula movies. I hear that the anime Shiki might be more along those lines. Have you heard anything good about that anime?

        About the only time I pass over gore is when it occurs in a good action anime, like Berserk. I feel much less pity when it’s a warrior being cut down than some poor high school kid. As a matter of fact, the slaughter of Saya’s entire class in Blood C caused me to decline from watching the last two episodes!

      • charlmeister
        August 30, 2013

        I’m not sure but I think I remember two of my favorite anime reviewers mention it in a podcast session; and they said good things about it. I haven’t watched it yet though so thanks for that reminder xD

        Yeah? I’ve never seen Blood-C but I plan to.

  2. Zoher Alshoubaki
    May 25, 2014

    Thx For Explaining The Ending 🙂

  3. quen
    June 10, 2014

    So, even if Satoshi used Yuka’s scrap of paper he still would have died because Yuka’s body belong to Heavenly Host. Only way if the return would have worked for everyone is that everyone had a piece of paper belonging to themselves or someone in that surviving group. In hind sight, Naomi killed off both of the people closest to her? Of course, not intentionally, but amusingly, clever. Thanks for explaining. The ending was more enjoying than I’d previously thought 😀

    • charlmeister
      June 10, 2014

      I’m still mad that Naomi helped to kill her best friend in the first episode (not intentionally but it was still upsetting). Satoshi could have survived, like you say, but he confused the pieces 😦

      You’re welcome 🙂

      • Bear Family
        May 5, 2016

        HE is not confused he already asked what will happen if someone took another elses paper..remember the part he asked the ghost aboout it?? he just lied because he wanted to save naomi

  4. Sachiko Shinozaki
    July 18, 2014

    really?that’s what you guys think about the anime o.o,not to be mean but it’s missed up what happened in the first episode including the rest…it’s also sad 😦

    • charlmeister
      July 19, 2014

      I agree; especially the ending with what happened to Satoshi.

  5. Herman Shagnasty
    August 6, 2014

    I thought that satoshi took yuuya kizami’s scrap. Not the ghost boy’s. Anybody know?

    • charlmeister
      August 7, 2014

      He did at first but then he had switched pieces with Naomi, thinking that he had another scrap that belonged to one of their friends. But there had been a piece that he’d found in a wallet that belonged to one of the dead students’ of the past and he ended up keeping that one because he had mixed up the pieces. That is why he died.

  6. Bear Family
    May 5, 2016

    Satoshi was aware of what is goint to happen to him..remember the part he asked the ghost about it?? he already had the answer ..he just saved naomi from it ,thats why he lied

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