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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls OVA (Impressions)

It’s been a bit hectic the past few days. My two weeks break is up, I have another summer job and although I like it, I hate the shifts my supervisor gave me. It’s just terrible – late shifts all through. I’m behind on a lot of series I should be up to date on but I’m doing the best I can (which isn’t really good enough, but I’ve been trying – I honestly have).

Instead of watching my other series, this OVA episode: Corpse Party caught my attention. I think I’ve already mentioned in some post here that I’m a horror fan and after I read the synopsis of Corpse Party, I decided to give it a try. I haven’t seen much horror anime save for Another and Elfen Lied (I don’t think it’s horror but that’s one of the genres it was put under). I still haven’t gotten around to starting Monster, but I will get to it soon enough.

Corpse Party 2Corpse Party starts with a flashback sequence. Naomi wakes up in a creepy and abandoned classroom, wondering how she got there then remembers that she had been with her friends. They were together in a classroom after a festival at their school – Kisaragi Academy – and were sharing ghost stories. There was lightening and thunder, along with the candlelight flickers to create the suspense effect (for the characters) in this scene.

The ghost story was about Heavenly Host Elementary – where strange murders and disappearances of both teachers and students took place. The principal at that time was tormented by it – especially after the death of a well loved teacher – and jumped off the school building. He died. And that was the end of the story.

Oh, and another thing, Kisargi Academy is built above the elementary school – which is now like a sealed basement.

A teacher who was still there gave them a scare since she overheard their story then they all gathered to do this charm with one of the students since she was transferring. It was done by repeating a phrase nine times then ripping a piece of paper from the paper doll – a charm that binds them as friends as long as they each have a piece of the paper.

Then there was an earthquake.

This was the only thing that frightened me...the terror o.o

This was the only thing that frightened me…the terror o.o

The flashback sequence ended there. Naomi sees her best friend, Seiko, in the same abandoned classroom and goes over to wake her. They both try to find an exit and realize that the setting around them is different and matches that of an elementary school (Heavenly Host Elementary).

Corpse Party 1

Weird things start to happen and from here – whether you’re a horror fan or not – the jump scare moments are pretty predictable and the atmosphere is a bit clichéd. We’ve got the children singing and giggling eerily in the background and the echo of their rapid footsteps. Reflections. Clock chiming and the pendulum swinging.

Corpse Party 4Amytville horror type things happen too with the bleeding walls and such, and everything else is pretty gory – this is the tamest photo with blood in it.

Naomi and Seiko both suffer hallucinations from time to time and Naomi came into contact with the legendary ghost from Heavenly Host Elementary but she survived.

Corpse Party 5Then this happened. I’ve never seen a death scene that pissed me off so much li-….wait, I take that back. There have been many more and worse.

Seiko was hanged but when Naomi found her, she was still struggling. Naomi YANKED on the rope, trying to pull it off her neck but all she did was press it even harder against the poor girl’s windpipe. What she should have done was lift her so that the noose would be loose (hehe) and have Seiko work the rope off her neck. I dismissed that as just being a horror strategy but it still made me mad.

And that was the end of the episode. The end also showed the other characters – that they’re all alive but scattered around Heavenly Host.

What I really enjoyed about this was the OST throughout the episode. It’s actually the only thing that made me feel a little edgy during the OVA and the OP theme gave me chills. The art and animation both aren’t bad. The characters didn’t leave an impression on me and I didn’t care that Seiko died. In fact, I was expecting it to happen at different intervals throughout the second half of the episode. I was about to download the game after watching it but the graphics and gameplay isn’t really my type so I didn’t bother to.

The actual series has three episodes out so far, so I’ll be keeping up with it.

I predict that only two of the students shall survive.


6 comments on “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls OVA (Impressions)

  1. Sindar
    August 16, 2013

    It is OVA and only 4 episodes long, wow I thought it was a normal 13 episodes anime. And yeah, I guess such a death scene would have made me mad too : D Though I don’t think anyone can struggle too long hanging by the neck. Even if you have air, the arteries are squeezed, and the brain won’t last long without the blood flow.

    Btw, did you notice a drop of the site views lately? It seems quite a number of people on the net are having that problem this August. I used to have about 500-700 a day and now it is about 200 :’D So I am wondering if that is a common thing for the end of the Summer.

    • charlmeister
      August 16, 2013

      Oh, I thought there was only one OVA episode because I checked two sites and one had it listed as an OVA and the other had one episode listed separately then the episodes so I thought it was the actual series. Have you watched it? I wish it was a normal 13 episode long one ;_; I’m sure it would have been good.

      That’s true but she was still struggling. If Naomi had just lifted her rather than spazz out then Seiko could have been saved. And I did notice it, I thought it was just happening since I hadn’t really been putting up much because that happens for me from time to time.

      :O That’s a lot of views. Mine is just stuck in the 100’s range xD but recently it’s been down to 50 and so on. It probably is a problem.

      • Sindar
        August 16, 2013

        I just checked MAL and it said that there are 4 episodes and that it is finished. Nope, I haven’t, I was thinking of watching it though. I kinda like the idea of 3-4 episode long shows. Short shows like that should be more intense, cause there is no time to relax.

        Alright, so we have the same issue =) I guess there are better things to do at Summer than reading blogs : D

  2. Albert
    September 25, 2013

    Ohhh…….why did you have to have an accurate guess on how many people survived……..ohhh……why……..the ending is very different from the game…….ohhh………and wth is a book of shadows scene doing after the ED of episode 4……….no way………they aren’t planning to make an OVA of Book of Shadows, right? Ohhh……..

    • charlmeister
      September 26, 2013

      Lol, well usually in most horrors; either two persons survive or just one xD But I honestly felt in my gut that only two would make it out. I though I was going to be wrong when Satoshi did the charm with them to return…but then he died so I was right! \O/!

      :O Probably they will. It all depends I guess. I hope they do!

  3. Buck Wade
    November 2, 2013

    I watched higurashi and another, but this anime is beyond bloody that its the first anime that ever scared and managed to traumatize me. Its also a little creepy how much the title implies to the anime: a story about a haunted school with a party of corpses and people’s souls being tortured from all the horror.

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