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Ao No Exorcist Movie: Impressions

The site I stream anime on finally got the subbed version of the Ao no Exorcist movie!! I checked religiously for the subbed to get out- a total of three weeks and four days *eye twitch* – you cannot imagine the bliss. I had started the series during Finals week in June (a few days before I started Clannad) and in the two days I had left to cram an overdose of Law and History notes, I finished it. I was in love with it (though I think that’s clear).

Ao no Exorcist - ShiemiAnd the first person to piss me off ten minutes into the movie is Shiemi. There’s a reason why I cannot stand her type of female. There’s nothing wrong with being nice but there has got to be a line. The mission in the first part of the movie was to exorcise the demon that controlled a phantom train that could travel back and forth through the Gehenna ( a gate between hell and earth). There were ghosts inside the train and she felt concerned about their restless spirits. Even though Yukio assured her that their souls would disappear once the demon was exorcised, that didn’t satisfy her.

Just a little absurd question: Why do souls always look like sperm in anime??

Just a little absurd question: Why do souls always look like sperm in anime??

The whole process of the souls going inside the fruits resembles the process of fertilization. Because of Shiemi though, the mission ended up being a bust – Yukio broke his arm and both her and Rin got five days house arrest. Look at what happens when you’re too nice…to the dead. In Yukio’s words: how is it logical to put live persons in danger because of the dead? But his anger was directed at the wrong person…

I didn’t want to see her face for the rest of the movie.

Ao no Exorcist - UsamaroAfter the hullabaloo of the mission turning into a disaster, Rin saved a boy before the place was completely destroyed by a collapsing building. The boy was a demon and would have been exorcised but was put in Rin’s care by order of Mephisto since he had nothing to do and had five days free. At first the demon was defensive – scratching and biting anyone who came close to him – and was wary of Rin but those defenses wore down after awhile.

The movie followed their relationship and the legend of the demon who had made the village happy; but bad things happened and the demon had to be sealed away and the village became lost after that. There was a celebration held every eleven years to remember the village and celebrate when the rabbit demon had been sealed.

The preciousness of this picture...my heart...

The preciousness of this picture…my heart…

It didn’t take long for Rin and the demon child to become best buds. It was like watching the budding relationship between a young father and his son. He had no name and Rin named him – Usamaro. Yukio was skeptical of their bond but Rin paid no attention to it because Usamaro seemed harmless.

Ao no Exorcist - Usamaro & RinAo no Exorcist - Rin & Usamaro 2



Then Rin began to lose his memory (I realize in most anime movies that I’ve watched, a portion of the theme always goes with memory – and the loss of it). The first person who realized it was Shiemi. In the mission that started the movie, she’d received a minor injury to her face that she kept covered with a Band-Aid. When she came over to have lunch with Rin, Usamaro and his friends (from the series), he asked her about it and that’s when realization struck.

Ao no Exorcist - Usamaro 2Usamaro’s demonic power is the ability to eat memories. This caused most of the chaos that happened in the last part of the movie. He ate everyone’s memories because he was given the impression that they would be happier if they could all go to the festival and enjoy themselves and be happy.

When he ate their memories, the exorcists who should have been stationed at the places to strengthen the barrier to stop Gehenna from opening and help in renewing the rabbit demon’s seal, were at the festival – having a good time – while demons devoured the town.

I would have panicked and died if I were here.

I would have panicked and died if I were here.

Rin regained his memories and realized that Usamaro was behind everyone’s memory loss. At this point, Usamaro showed his true form and Rin defended him when Cheng-Long tried to kill him.

Ao no Exorcist - Usamaro demon In his innocence, Usamaro thought he was doing everyone a favor by taking their bad memories away but Rin made him realize that not having bad memories isn’t always a good thing – bad memories help us to have an appreciation of the good. But Usamaro wasn’t being evil, he was actually trying to do a good thing – as Rin assured him – but it wasn’t the wise thing to do.

To make amends for what he had done, he ate time and space to remove the demons from the town so that it wouldn’t be destroyed. He was consumed by this and died. In the end, no one remembered him except Rin.



Cheng-Long – whose ancestor was the legendary exorcist who had exorcised Usamaro before – also remembered Usamaro. And I remember him too.



I’ll always remember Usamaro!

I liked this movie, it’s actually the first one I’ve seen that actually keeps in touch with what happened in the series. My favorite thing about Ao no Exorcist will always be the OST – it is just blissful. Even though it was an hour long movie, I enjoyed it so much that it felt like just another twenty-four minutes long episode.

There was no growth in the characters – not that I was expecting any character development but the stress that was put on being adults in the first part of the movie was making me think there’d be more to them. The humor was really nice and the story was touching – although I should be used to themes of this kind in anime but it still works my emotions (I am a walking cliché).

Ao no Exorcist - Mephisto and BroAnother thing: I thought Amaimon was stuck in the form of a demon hamster – actually I thought he was dead since that last battle he had with Rin in the series. I’m glad I saw him in the movie, I really like his character. I’m still not a fan of Mephisto.

Now that the void has appeared again, I shall fill it by reading the manga. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you should.



6 comments on “Ao No Exorcist Movie: Impressions

  1. froggykun
    August 2, 2013

    Yesssss! The Ao no Exorcist movie was excellent! I couldn’t help but go b’awwww at all the bonding moments between Rin and Usamaro. Also, the animation was AMAZING.

    The great thing about Ao no Exorcist is that the emphasis isn’t on the battles, the training or even the strategies. None of the fights have ever struck me as particularly clever and there is so much time spent on just watching the characters chill. Honestly, those moments are my favourite kind in shonen anime, so watching AoE is always a joy. Loved seeing them all in action again.

    Also: I like Shiemi. You might hate her, but she’s kind of my type. I think she’s cute.

    • charlmeister
      August 2, 2013

      The baseball game was the most precious part for me =) and I agree on that, that’s apart of the reason why I love Ao no Exorcist because of the focus put on the different relationships between the characters.

      It’s not that I hate her (I ship her and Rin anyway xD) but when she causes those bad situations that could have been avoided, it just really annoys me.

  2. Sindar
    August 2, 2013

    So, Ao No Exorcist is worth watching then? I mean the TV series, cause there is no point for me to start with the movie =) I heard people praising the show, but I was never convinced to go for it.

    By the way, I found your MAL profile ^.^ It doesn’t seem like you using that site very often, though.

    • charlmeister
      August 2, 2013

      It is 🙂 You should watch it. I think you’ll have fun with it. And no I don’t, after I made the profile I never went back to it ><

      • Sindar
        August 2, 2013

        I am surprised you don’t use it, MAL is the only reason I am able to ‘remember’ on which episode of each show I am. Though, maybe, you’ve just got good memory 😀

      • charlmeister
        August 2, 2013

        Haha, well you keep up with a lot more anime than I do – I think. But yeah, I have a good memory so I hardly ever lose track 😛

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