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Shingeki no Kyojin Ep. 15: Hanji Zoe & Titan Speculations

This episode was all about the Recon Corps. Each member got some amount of screen time that gave a glimpse into their quirky and eccentric personalities and Eren also gave some background into their Titan killing records – each one of them is a legit badass. They were handpicked by Levi so, I wasn’t expecting anything less or for them to be unseasoned soldiers.SnK PetraOf all the members in the Corps unit, Petra seems to be the only one with a complete semblance of normalcy, and that creates some form of balance. I can’t accept that she is completely normal though, no one in this unit seems to be without some quirky trait. But I’ll work with it, because she seems cool enough and I love her face.

Snk Hanji

Most of the focus was on Hanji Zoe during the second half and although Levi seems to be irritated by her, he must appreciate her well enough to place her in the Corps unit. She’s actually really valuable and this episode gave me an appreciation of her – I still think she’s an extreme psycho but nonetheless, this episode toned down her level of weird, for me.

Gulliver's a lucky brute to not have met with this predicament when he woke up in Lilliput.

Gulliver’s a lucky brute to not have met with this predicament when he woke up in Lilliput.

She conducts Titan experiments and had two titans as her test subjects in this episode. Since that first episode I watched that had her in it, I noticed her approach to the titans was different – almost friendly. She didn’t treat the titans as any person would expect her to – with hatred. She used to but as she told Eren, she decided to change her perspective. She touches and speaks with them in a manner that resembles care. She even cried when she had to torture them to test their responses to pain and almost got herself killed when she thought one of the titans was trying to communicate with her. It’s a little odd, the way she operates, but I like her.

Poor baby...

Poor baby…

The information she had to share with Eren brought nothing new, and he meaninglessly sacrificed sleep. But Hanji’s experiments; what she shared and had to say about it raised some more speculations.

Snk Hanji 2

I never actually put too much thought into the Titan makeup; its body and functions. All I wanted to know is how it all happened. Hanji mentioned that they don’t have to eat – normal functions that humans would take care of, the titans don’t. To me, that means that the Titans are empty vessels and just some type of zombified manifestation of the human they once were (I believe they were all human) – created in effect to unite humanity (referring to Pixis’ mention of that myth).

When Eren transforms into a titan, just as in other bishoujo and shonen anime when it comes to transformations, he uses his spiritual energy or life force to generate that sort of power and create something more. As for where the huge body he creates comes from, that part of the mystery will remain as is until we get to the basement. Hanji said it might be a case of seeing something that actually isn’t there, and that’s complex – like the whole theory of quantum physics. But if that’s the case, there are so many more questions. The main one being: If their bodies are so light, why is there such a noise when they move around? I can probably only believe that of the colossal titan, since he never makes a sound when he shows up.

But maybe that only applies when parts of their body are severed. I could understand it better (and accept it) that way because that would mean that once a titan dies, or parts of its body is severed,  it loses its mass very quickly because the life force is no longer there – making it light.

That was the highlight of the episode for me. And there is also Erwin.

Is it me, or is Eren getting cuter?

Is it me, or is Eren getting cuter?

There is a lot more to him than meets the eye. I don’t suspect him of anything shady but at the same time, I’d like for him to get more screen time so I can gauge what he’s all about. He seems to keep a particular distance from his comrades, and that was shown when he was alone with one of them, discussing a battle strategy and the person (the sniffer guy) asked him if he couldn’t take the mask off, at least for him.

Someone killed the titans at the end of the episode and that placed Hanji in Hulk mode. I was really upset because I wanted these experiments to continue so I could learn more from whatever else Hanji did. It’s obvious that persons in the military know something about the titans and don’t want Hanji to gain more knowledge because it would seem that she’s close to knowing a critical truth. There were two perpetrators, and both used the maneuver gear to escape. Maybe we’ll know who they are in the next episode.

Other highlights:

Eren's expressions are so cute now

Eren’s expression ❤

That is one harsh bite. Auroro is probably on the same level as Levi – when it comes to Titan kills. He’s the top person with the most kills on Eren’s list of the Recon Corps “Special Ops” Titan killings record. He doesn’t really seem like a likable person but he was a bit amusing.

Snk LeviAlso, Levi went into spring cleaning mode in this episode. I wouldn’t want him at my house because he’d probably work me to the bone to clean every nook and cranny of my room and I’m not about that life but he’d make the perfect cleaning lady man. Petra mentioned that before his placement in the military, he was a thug. OF COURSE HE WAS. I can’t imagine Levi as anything else but and it makes so much sense.

Eren seems to have humbled himself during these episodes. He seems a bit timid around the Corps members and slightly intimidated by them. Petra is the only one that he seems comfortable around – she’s not a weirdo and doesn’t try to unnecessarily scare him.

I missed Mikasa in this episode.


6 comments on “Shingeki no Kyojin Ep. 15: Hanji Zoe & Titan Speculations

  1. froggykun
    July 22, 2013

    I missed Mikasa too, strangely enough.

    And yeah, Eren DOES seem a lot humbler these days. He’s… not a jackass anymore…! OMFG I THINK I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW AGAIN!!

    And also, poor Sawney. Poor Bean. May they rest in peace 😦

    • charlmeister
      July 22, 2013

      She’s just one of those persons that makes SnK whole xD Haha, it’s getting great again.

      Those were the names Hanji gave them?? It’s depressing that I can’t even remember something so simple :/
      Yeah, I really liked the calm one. They were great test subjects.

  2. Sindar
    July 24, 2013

    I guess, even though titan bodies are lighter than they should have been, if they were made of flesh, they still are pretty heavy, so no wonder they are a bit noisy. Lets say that titan flesh is 5 times lighter than it should be, then a big titan would wait, let’s say 3 tons instead of 15. Still, a pretty heavy thing.

    I like that Levi works too, not only orders people around. That makes his cleaning obsession so much more bearable =)

    Hope Hanji wouldn’t experiment on Eren, now that other subjects are dead o.o

    • charlmeister
      July 27, 2013

      That makes sense but if that was the case, probably Hanji would have broken her leg when she kicked that titan’s head since it would have been pretty weighty :/ I don’t know, it feels more complicated than it should be >_>

      Haha, I think that she will, especially since Eren agreed to help her in any way he could to learn more about the titans…but I’m sure she’ll be gentle with him xD

      • Sindar
        July 27, 2013

        Oh, I don’t know about that, she wasn’t very gentle with those two titans…

  3. Sindar
    July 24, 2013

    Something is up with Internet today, at least for me xD I just tried to post a comment here and it won’t show up. So If you get two identical comments from me, sorry, you can delete one of them, if it isn’t too much trouble ^^’

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