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RDG: Red Data Girl Impressions

Now that Red Data Girl has reached its twelfth and last episode for this season, I want to share some of my thoughts on it.

Plot summary (Wikipedia): The story revolves around Izumiko Suzuhara, a 15-year old girl who has been raised at Tamakura Shrine, part of the Kumano Shrines World Heritage Site. She destroys any electrical device that she comes into contact with. Despite being shy, she wants to try living in the city. Her guardian Yukimasa Sagara recommends that she enroll at Hōjō High School in Tokyo, accompanied by his son, Miyuki Sagara, who has trained to become a yamabushi from a young age. While in Tokyo on a middle school field trip, an entity named “Himegami” appears. Izumiko learns that she is a yorishiro, a vessel for a shinto spirit known as a kami. She also learns that Miyuki is tasked with protecting her.

Red data girl

I expected quite a lot from this anime when it started, the premise was pretty interesting and the first few episodes left me impressed. From the start, my romance sensors picked up lovey-dovey sparks between Miyuki and Izumiko (yes, your tsundere charade didn’t fool me one bit Miyuki ). The expansion of content was great because it helped to build the atmosphere. But then primary issues that were being – or were supposed to be dealt with – became lost. Like the idea of Izumiko being targeted and chased by spirits because she’s a rare specie. And her destroying electronic devices she comes into contact with.


The first few episodes brought an intensity to those problems but halfway through the plot switched focus to the Souda triplets (Mayura, Manatsu and Masumi). I didn’t mind that because their characters added more to the series and they were instruments of character development for Izumiko. Also they were actually woven into the bigger plot of Izumiko being the last vessel for the Himegami goddess. This was the point where previous plot ideas were dropped and focus was just on the Himegami’s possession of Izumiko, the Souda triplets and the school, and Masumi’s romantic feelings for Izumiko.

Masumi and Izumiko

The character development was a bit stunted because of all that was going on which affected my level of appreciation for the characters. What worked against Red Data Girl was time. Twelve episodes weren’t enough for such broad content, and that caused the final episode to not even feel like a finale. It felt very anticlimactic, especially with the sort of build-up that episode eleven brought. Izumiko had turned into the goddess, caused the malfunction of electronic devices and had shifted herself into another realm after all that happened. Masumi was bent on getting her to stay with him, and his darker side surfaced; causing Miyuki to fight extra hard to get through the barriers and reach Izumiko.

When all that happened, I was expecting Wamiya (a familiar with a lot of power created by Izumiko) to team up with Miyuki to defeat Masumi, because he’s a really strong spirit and Miyuki couldn’t do it alone. But all that happened was Wamiya telling Masumi to go away, which he did. And with a smile; he had said something too. I was confused by that, and disappointed. Very disappointed. And it ended with more romantic developments between Miyuki and Izumiko (I had to squeal when he hugged her).

Izumiko and Miyuki

And that was it. Oh and he told her to call him whenever she needed him and he’d be there (*sobs*). The good thing is, the anime was never rushed but the way in which things were resolved was very lacking. Ultimately, RDG felt very watered down and at one point I had contemplated dropping it but being so close to the end, I decided to just pull through the rest.

I loved both the OP/ED theme songs; both were perfect for the tone of RDG, especially the OP song.

I dropped Karneval and Devil Survivor 2. I plan to return to DeSu2 but I’m not very sure about Karneval. And I’m keeping up with Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge (for ranting purposes and the plot ACTUALLY GOT BETTER). Otherwise I started Ergo Proxy and that’s great so far, although I’m suffering from minor confusion at the moment.

That’s all for now.



8 comments on “RDG: Red Data Girl Impressions

  1. Artemis
    June 14, 2013

    Likewise – I felt Red Data Girl started off quite strongly, but went downhill after the first handful of episodes. By the end, it was mostly stubbornness (and the fact that it was only 12 episodes) that was responsible for getting me there. I don’t know if there’ll be a second season, but I think it’s safe to say that if there is, I won’t be watching it. It’s a shame, because I feel like the show had a few really good points – it’s just that they didn’t make up for the poor storytelling.

    • charlmeister
      June 14, 2013

      The common mistake that was made here was focusing too much on the wrong side of the story, and that left the major plot in the shadows.
      I’d watch the second season just to continue my sailing ship for Miyuki and Izumiko xD Otherwise if there is a second season, plot holes from the first season could be rectified.

  2. annecelestine
    June 14, 2013

    i like watching this anime because of the art. but my level of appreciation goes down tremendously when i get lost in the story. i really don’t know what is the secret about the himegami, miyuki’s true role and what’s with yukimasa’s attitude? he’s too critical about his son. are they really father and son?

    sighs… i really am lost…

    • charlmeister
      June 14, 2013

      The art was beautiful, that’s apart of why I liked RDG. The Himegami goddess was going to take Izumiko’s body as a vessel and destroy the world. That’s what I got from it, the goddess was unhappy and felt alone.
      Miyuki was Izumiko’s guardian, and was chosen by the goddess. That’s his true role – “Yamabushi”; which is their term for guardian.

      Yukimasa is that way with Miyuki to help him mature and take responsibility…the hard way I guess xD but it’s obvious their father-son relationship is on the dysfunctional side.

      That’s the sad part about RDG, there was too much going on and that caused a lot of confusion. I was lost too and had to rewatch an episode to clear that up.

      • annecelestine
        June 16, 2013

        i pretty much got the part that the himegami is going to be possessing izumiko and that she’s really an ancient ghost rather than a goddess. but what confuses me is miyuki being chosen when he seems to be incompetent. they’re playing too much on the romance between the possessed and the guardian when the guardian is so confused about his own ability and feelings.

        furthermore, if the himegami will bring destruction to humanity, then why protect her? shouldn’t she be sealed away like that spirit that was impersonating masumi? there’s the question that kept on making the story so illogical…

      • charlmeister
        June 16, 2013

        There had been mention of the legend that the guardian was always the “partner” of the goddess so I guess that’s why they focused a great deal on romance. As for Miyuki’s incompetence, maybe he isn’t really – he just believes himself to be incompetent and that could be another reason why Yukimasa is so hard on him to push him to his extremes so he can reach his full strength.

        I think it was protection in the sense that they use barrier spells on Izumiko so that the Himegami wouldn’t take control of her body and use her for that purpose. And as you say it does sound illogical; another plot hole.

        Hopefully there’s a second season so they can rectify all this because it would be disappointing to leave it where it is now with so many unanswered questions.

      • annecelestine
        June 16, 2013

        should there be season 2, i hope it would not be as vague as this. hehe

      • charlmeister
        June 16, 2013

        I hope so too

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