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Shingeki no Kyojin ep. 9: Commentary

I knew it. I just knew the soldiers would turn on Eren because he became a titan. Bad news really does spread fast. But as much as I expected them to turn on him, I wan’t expecting the melodrama of rolling out the big guns to eliminate him. Imprisonment is the most I expected but then again, I didn’t mind it since the ending is one of the most epic (I’m really beginning to hate this word, time to find another) endings I’ve seen in Shingeki so far. I think this man is nothing but a fool and coward.


And as it turns out, Eren’s ability to become a titan all started with his dad and that little serum. I loved the incorporation of the flashback scenes, some things that were obscured before became clearer. Like how Eren became a titan for one. So I’m guessing it’s all about the resolve to exact revenge on the giant stupid naked people that decides whether you can blast out of a titan as one yourself or not – and as a more refined version too. I’m guessing every other human just fell to the despair of slowly melting away in a Titan’s stomach – which is pretty damn big, you could probably swim in there. Also, had it not been for the reminder of his mother, Eren probably wouldn’t have gotten so motivated to the point of deepening his resolve to kill them and becoming a titan himself. But then again, it could just be a trigger effect from whatever Titan DNA/power hormones his dad injected him with. But otherwise, I’m sticking to my Cell theory for now on how they multiply.

Eren titan

I loved hearing his thoughts when he started out as a titan and the buildup that the soundtrack created was just amazing, I think I got chills. And make way for the able-bodied and elite Legions main force. I’ve already spoken about Levi (he brings out the generic female in me). His partner, Hanji Zoe, seems as if she could be related to Sasha – but she’s not. I don’t know, their personalities are a bit similar, and they kinda look alike.

Hanji ZoeWatching them kill titans, it makes me a little hopeful about the whole issue of battling the titans. But then, this is just against the lesser form of titans. We have yet to see epic (this is the last time I’m using epic) boss battles against the colossal titan and the armored one. Now those two are the ones I want to see Mikasa or Levi take on. What with the colossal titan being a Houdini and an offspring of Zeus (I say that because lightening always strikes when he appears) and the armored one having a thing for sprinting and busting down walls with his mega strength. It’s something to look forward to.

So now Eren has the responsibility of retaking Wall Maria to get to that basement. What exactly is down there? I’m speculating that it’s information on what’s needed to kill the titans. Or something else major, I was thinking about all this so hard and most of my thoughts are lost right now in my drowsiness. I shall remember them and share them with you at a later time!


Armin’s expressions will be the death of me, I laughed more than I expected to. And I don’t understand how everyone heard Eren say that. His voice was a murmur, well at least that’s what it sounded like to me. Maybe Levi will be the one to get everyone to calm down -since Mikasa’s threats did not work- and suggest using Eren as a main defense against the titans – as if Eren doesn’t have enough responsibilities already.

This reminded me of Deadman Wonderland

As much as Eren did this to protect his friends (the biting part reminded me of Deadman Wonderland), I doubt that will be the first thought that stands out to these soldiers. They already think he’s going to kill them all when he becomes a titan again. And I’m sure Eren will be able to disprove that opinion. I really hate having to wait five days for the next episode. But oh well.

In other news, I have given up on Oracle of Seasons.

Legend of Zelda 2

I’m stuck at the last dungeon and have so far been going in circles with a key to a door I have yet to locate. I can’t even find the map. So I’m leaving it alone again for awhile until I feel the urge to try and finish it.


4 comments on “Shingeki no Kyojin ep. 9: Commentary

  1. airboundgab3
    June 5, 2013

    the way the pessimism of this world reminds me of neon genesis evangelion. but the characters like Mikasa ,Levi and Erin are likable. Erin’s dad knows more than he’s letting on so it will be interesting to see that develops

    • charlmeister
      June 5, 2013

      I’ve never watched NGE before although I plan to. I’m liking Armin a bit more now and as for Eren’s dad, I think he wants him to just make sense of everything on his own. Although Eren’s situation is gonna get more than complicated. He basically committed “treason” in the eyes of the soldiers.

      • airboundgab3
        June 6, 2013

        to an extent he did, but CLEARLY he knows more about the origins of the titans than the soldiers so his intel is better. we’ll see how the story goes, but the basement is their next goal

      • charlmeister
        June 6, 2013

        Well maybe. I don’t really think he knows about their origin more than just for what his dad made him able to do (become one). His dad knows though, I feel he does. I’m a little worried about that basement mission.

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