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Commentaries and the Fabulous Titan

I’ve updated myself on all my anime episodes (except RDG: Red Data Girl. I’m still waiting impatiently for the sub to come out). I don’t understand why it’s always the last to be subbed. I think I’ll be commenting on all of them in this post, some more than others. But this won’t be long since I’m pressed for time with studies. Granted, as long as I don’t get carried away with this.

First up is Shingeki no Kyojin. I’m glad to report that I did not drown myself in my tears after this episode – I did tear up a little at the start when Armin had his recollections on everything that had transpired. I still refuse to believe Eren is dead. That aside, it seems the writer felt my heart’s request because this week, the episode was all about Mikasa. The badass of the century. Saeko has nothing on her. Saeko1

I’m sorry dear…

Finally it explained why she has such loyalty to Eren. I liked the flashback sequence because of the contrasts it brought out in Mikasa’s personality.

And now for a brief summary: She wasn’t always a silent, apathetic-looking girl. She smiled a lot then and was more talkative. Some thugs decided to kill her parents and take her to sell to some pervert (think along the lines of Taken). Eren found her, stabbed two of her kidnappers and had to give her a pep-talk to stimulate her brain and trigger her willpower to fight to kill the third guy. And that transition scene was really pretty awesome. That knuckle-tightening, foot splintering wood moment as she planted her foot to launch herself forward. It was amazing. And Eren was the one to give her that scarf she always wears. Eren surprised me a lot during that scene when he killed the two men. Dr. Jaeger and his wife really instilled some solid values of justice in Eren. He acted on them well, and given the circumstance, there really was no other way to take care of things.

I just loved how smoothly Mikasa killed that Titan that was about to trample the people.

Fabulous titan

He runs so fabulously. I couldn’t stop laughing (even though I jumped)

Looking at this Titan, actually from observing all the other Titans, I just think of them as over-sized zombies. There are so many questions I have about them. And I’d like it if future episodes would explain more about the titans. How do they multiply because as far as I see it, they don’t have enough sense to even think about reproducing since all they do is grin and eat people. And the intelligent ones are only concerned with busting down the walls and destroying the cannons. Is it the dead that transform into Titans? Since apparently they’re immortal. Why is it that the neck is their “Achilles Heel” so to speak? While listening to a podcast, they discussed some of the same questions that I’ve been having. That aside though, I’m glad I got a look into Mikasa’s background. I’ve already begun shipping her and Eren (and I reiterate my belief that he ISN’T dead).

As for Armin, I was pissed off at him because I don’t understand his logic. I get it that the shock of what’s happening before you can cause you to go into a state of responsive lock down. But at the same time, he joined the Recon Corps, and I’m sure he didn’t do it with the notion that it would be a breeze killing the Titans and there would be no casualties. He isn’t emotionally or mentally built to deal with that so I found it stupid and his reactions a tad irritating. I understand him but I still think it was foolhardy of him.

Second up: Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

Tongue obsessionLord, grace me with the strength

I made the gif to show just how disturbing – and extremely disgusting – the tonguing thing is in this anime. Honestly, I have nothing to say about Dansai. It just gets more and more ridiculous. The content is just so all over the place that it becomes more and more vapid. The only character I like is Seigi, because he is the only one with some sense of control and ACTUAL belonging in the anime and its purpose. I have absolutely no interest in the direction of this anime but I continue to watch it. I think I’m leaning more towards dropping it and depending on reviews to clear up what I want to know about it. I think what really pissed me off in the sixth episode was the villain, whose reason for wanting to “dominate men” is because she never got to be the princess in a play in elementary school. I really could not believe that that was the story she went with of why she became evil.

Yahari Ore no Seishun:

I don’t like the fact that this anime seems to be going down the Yuki x Hachiman pairing. I love Hachiman though. Honestly, as warped as his perspectives may be, there are still so many truths to his views on life, friendship and so on. I’m glad the air was cleared between him and Yui. Now the relationship has been reset and they can now be friends without the lingering thought that this could all be her act of repaying her debt. There is nothing that can convince me that Yui doesn’t like him on a more personal level and I get that love-triangle plot coming up. While Yuki and Hachiman force themselves to seem incompatible, they are alike in some ways which make them more of a fit for each other since they can relate on a few things (their shared views on Yuki’s older sister is one).

In Yui’s case, there doesn’t really seem to be any level ground between her and Hachiman to even interact on a level as more than just friends. Hachiman’s character does well to block off characters in the anime as well as with me. I can’t gauge his thoughts as well as I’d like to. The writer did well in constructing his personality and overall character. Also, there are no obvious – or latent – signs of him liking Yui.

yuki boyfriend

But after that “fasle date” between him and Yuki, that could be the starter for something between these two. I wouldn’t really care, just as long as the romance story is developed and not generically, I don’t mind but I like Yui more.

I think that’s it for all I have to say. Oh, Red Data Girl, I’m celebrating just a little that Miyuki seems to be jealous of the kind of guys he thinks Suzuhara finds attractive. Yes, it seems my ship is going to come together in this series. crazy-monkey-emoticon-003

Karneval…I don’t have much yet to say about Karneval.

Hataraku Maou-Sama!! I still have to dedicate a post just to this anime. I love it so much. The comedic quality of it is just perfect and it still maintains that balance of being serious, though sometimes I tend to forget that it is. I like the addition of a new female character, seems as if Maou is building himself a little harem. But I say Emelia all the way.

I love Lucifer and I’m hoping they keep him for the next couple of episodes.

And that’s all I have to say for now!



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