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Amnesia Final Impressions: Ukyo’s Story

The last time I blogged about Amnesia, I left things off at episode 9. I already explained the reason for my hiatus so I’ll just pick up where I left off with this anime. First, I’ll just give summaries of the episodes I didn’t post about then go into the full commentary. Bear with me, this will be long.

  • Episode 10: It’s revealed that Shujinko (I forgot her name for a moment there) actually had feelings for Toma and the locked diary contained the evidence of her love but her trouble of revealing that to him. Toma, in turn, was shocked to know this then felt guilty for his ridiculous jealousy and obsessive behavior. Toma x Shujinko

 After this short revelation, while she sleeps, the psychotic Ukyo returns; takes her from her bed and stands with her atop a building, holds her over the edge and drops her. She enters another parallel universe where Ukyo is the object of interest. And he’s actually the GOOD guy now. For the remainder of this episode, he practically stalks her to prevent any danger from happening to her then reveals that he is her lover at the end of the episode.Ukyo confession…What?

  • Episode 11: Ukyo, realizing that this is his arc, continues to explain to Shujinko why she keeps having bad luck in this parallel world and at the same time continues to protect her. He warns her to stay away from him, which is SO contradictory since he always has to pop up as her hero to keep her from dying. Orion is just as useless as Shujinko except to give her advice. Then, we learn why Ukyo is emphatic that she stay away.

 Ukyo confuzzled

His split personalities. Shujinko saw him sleeping on a lawn, woke him and caught him on his wrong side (quite literally). He attacked her, slurred about wanting her to die then snapped out of his evil side. So this is a very confusing moment for Shujinko. Ukyo has more of a struggle in this episode to contain his good side against the evil. Orion is a lot more assertive and wary of the situation, and his advice is practically ignored throughout the remainder of the episode. Shujinko, being a generic female, feels bad (and guilty) for Ukyo when he calls her, implying that he’s about to commit suicide since there is no way for them to win against this world’s power, and goes after him. IN A BLOODY RAINSTORM. Shujinko rs

Clearly this girl is really selfless and caring to the point of death. And to her downfall. At this point, I was so mad I actually was hoping Ukyo would kill her and just let everything be over with. When she found him at the University, he was actually in his evil mode. Ukyo mad

If I learned anything from this episode, it’s that Shujinko’s sheer gullibility sets her up easily for death. There’d been a scene where Ukyo warned her never to go to a shrine where a well was because of the danger of falling in. Then, she received a phone call from Ukyo, telling her to meet him at said shrine, specifically at the well. Uhm..HINT HINT Shujinko! But only Orion was aware of this, and had to watch her almost fall to her death but Ukyo snapped out of his evil mode in time to save her. And basically, the rest of the episode ends with a cat and mouse chase between killer and victim.

  • Episode 12: The cat and mouse chase continues. Ukyo shifts between good and bad, the university goes up in flames and it seems Shujinko is about to relive the same death, just not in the same circumstance. He then explains that after her death, it was hard for him to accept it and so he shifted through parallel worlds where she lived. But in those worlds, Ukyo was non-existent and a foreign body, so each world eliminated him. Ukyo s

In his world, Shujinko was the foreign body, since that is where she had originally died. So, for the world to maintain consistency, it had to get rid of her. In the end, Ukyo stabs himself and talks to her as he bleeds to death then reveals that it was his wish to see her live but because of his selfish wish they both faced the death cycle and parallel world shifts. His shifts through parallel worlds were made possible by Neil, the creator of the fairies. As Orion explains it, Neil lost control of his powers because of the challenge to grant Ukyo’s wish and the power it took to shift Shujinko through different worlds to lessen the pain her few deaths had caused Ukyo. Her amnesia was also partially his fault but balance was restored since Ukyo’s wish was finally granted.

Shujinko had the choice of whether to stay behind and leave her memories behind or to go back to her reality. There was the sad farewell between her and Orion, since the two had basically become attached throughout the episodes. Shujinko end 

I guess from here, it’s left to us to guess which reality she chooses to go back to. Judging from the last episode, I have a strong feeling she is going to choose Ukyo, since he left such a lasting impression on her and got the most emotion out of her.

Final Impression: I was planning to be a little hard on this anime and leave the rest of it alone but then since I had already posted commentaries about it, I didn’t think that would be okay. That, and I’d already halved the series, with only three episodes left so I just watched the last three. Actually, I don’t regret it. Amnesia isn’t a great anime, it’s not really a good anime either. Shujinko was partly the reason why I became annoyed with it. I couldn’t stand her spineless, gullible and aloof personality.

As far as having amnesia goes, this girl has no depth as a character and absolutely no sense. All her thinking was done through Orion who was practically her brain. Without Orion, her usefulness (if she had any to begin with) fell beyond negative points and it was really sad and upsetting to watch her. Especially during Ukyo’s arc. I just could not believe the ways Shujinko easily set herself up for death. Sympathy be damned, she knows how Ukyo is and had first hand experience being the victim of his split personalities. He warned her to stay away and she still went after him. So I guess that is exactly Shujinko’s type.

I understand his split personalities though, which were a result of his breakdown after losing Shujinko, his constant deaths in the parallel worlds and the consequential pain and fear. It led him to a fight for self preservation and at the same time, his wish to see Shujinko live. So all that inner battle to be contended with really worked enough sympathy from me to understand him.

The character development in this anime was really poor and I’m not sure if that was deliberate because of the arc divisions. Even so, Shujinko’s male love interests did nothing to complement her dullness as a character. If anything, they only paled in comparison. And except for the little kiss scenes (which I’m a sucker for) I wasn’t impressed by the pairings nor the chemistry because it was all generic really. The only male I wished got more screen time was Kento, since he was the only one who tried at the relationship and didn’t give their relationship that generic impression. Even with his awkward label as a boyfriend, he was also the only one who understood Shujinko and didn’t try to force any strangeness or intimacies on her. Toma just shot all my chances to hell of actually liking him when he brought out his cage tactic. Caged

The obsessive behavior just derailed his character development and his credibility as a boyfriend from there (but then he wasn’t even that much to begin with). Moving on though before I start ranting about that.

The plot seemed good enough, given its intriguing premise. The art was amazing and the first few episodes gave me some reasons to invest a little hope in this anime, which really died once the upcoming arcs became predictable. With its predictability came my exhaustion with the series that only seemed to be going in circles with no clear sense of direction or anything to work with. The content became vapid and the characters did nothing to redeem it enough that it could have been overlooked.

I just wanted it to end already. It didn’t leave any lasting impressions and out of 10 stars, I give it a 5.6 .


One comment on “Amnesia Final Impressions: Ukyo’s Story

  1. lykill
    May 6, 2016

    i totally agree with you, she was so damn gullible!

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