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BwTgS NEXT (Hairstyles and relationships): Episode 1

I think I might be rambling for most of this. I’m just so happy the first episode finally came out. I’ll do my utmost best to keep it concise though.

When I saw the upload I almost choked on my food, I didn’t care that it was the raw version. I’d already read chapters from the light novel, so I could mentally keep up with the dialogue from memory and from a few Japanese phrases I know. The first episode begins with the protagonist Kodaka and his daily troubles of being tagged as a delinquent because of his hair. Leaving the library, he goes to the club room and sees Sena wearing a wig that much resembles his hair color. Yozora is also wearing a blonde wig to impersonate Sena and mimics her character, behaving and speaking in a slightly seductive manner. It turns out that they are both trying to carry out an activity done by friends – giving jokes. However, their inability naturally stems from their social dysfunctions and Kodaka  quickly shows his displeasure with their cheap shots at creating jokes and attempts to make an original joke which falls flat.

Yozora starts talking about a hairstyle known as “Heaping” which catches Sena’s attention. As usual, Yozora begins to taunt Sena and Rika joins her, teasing Sena indirectly that a commoner could never pull off the hairstyle and only a gorgeous, intelligent and noble girl can do so. And as usual, Sena takes the bait of their teasing and offers herself to do the hairstyle. Yukimura is intrigued by this then sets out to get the decorations for the Heaping hairstyle where Maria is seen idling instead of doing the work the “Old Hag” gave her to do and supplies her him with insects.

End result of the hairstyle Sena hair

Yakisoba, pineapples, dead insects and fireworks, oh and a bikini were the decorations for Sena’s Heaping. She doubted “its beauty” at first, but the praising reactions from Rika, Yozora and Yukimura made her confident about her horrendous hairstyle. Kodaka didn’t like it, but when asked for his opinion, he gave a blase response of it “being very her”. Satisfied with that, she goes home and returns the next day to school, crying to Kodaka that she was spanked for her ridiculous hairstyle. sena spanking (He doesn’t even seem as if he’s putting any effort into it). Rika and Yozora apologized to her but then Sena became angry, wanting them to laugh it off as friends should and left the club room in tears – as is her norm.

Further on in the episode, Sena invites Kodaka over to study for exams and he witnesses Sena’s obsession with Yozora. Pictures of candid shots of Yozora are plastered on her ceiling and she bought the wig Yozora wore  from her. She disclaims his assumptions of her obsessions by saying that seeing the pictures and sniffing the wig are ways to refresh her prospects of revenge against Yozora.


They spend time studying and their are a few brief awkward moments: the housemaid hands Kodaka packets of “protection”, Kodaka’s nearness to Sena’s chest and his occasional glances at her cleavage.

He spends the night there after being ordered to do so by Pegasus (Sena’s father), leaving Kobata home alone – who seems to be enjoying herself Kobato singing (I do this when I’m home alone too).

Kodako shares an awkward bath with Pegasus, who asks him if Sena is being bullied, mentioning her ridiculous hairstyle. All his worries are put to rest when Kodako states that he would protect Sena if anyone tried to trouble her. Pegasus takes this to mean something deeper and claims that he is entrusting Sena to him (which has a strong connotation). The episode ends with Sena sniffing the wig.

The first episode presents the club members continued efforts to doing things that friends would do and naturally failing at it. Although the girls managed the friendly activity of doing Sena’s hair, even though it turned out a disaster. Yukimura’s fascination with it had my attention pegged. I just know that he is a girl. Everything about him screams girl, not to mention that he is the cutest one.

Yukimura cute Just blasphemous (but it’s no secret Yuki is a girl and she is just ADORABLE~).

There is more development in the relationship between Kodaka and Sena and a love triangle is very foreseeable. It was a bit evident from the first season that such a plot would be apart of this friendship story and I’m excited for it but at the same time a bit unnerved by it since my OTPs never work out as I would have it. It’s evident that Sena likes Kodaka. This hints from the first season when she made sure to get a phone similar to his and he is the only one she usually invites to her house and decides to text – which also happens in the first episode of the second season when she was alone with Yukimura in the club room and wanted his company. She always wants his feedback on her appearance and blushes every time he catches her naked (which happened about three times in the first season). Kodaka is attracted to her but it seems that is as far as it goes for him.

There doesn’t seem to be much development between him and Yozora. Even though they were childhood friends, their rare moments alone are usually just. It is evident that Yozora likes him though, in that she takes his advice and usually blushes when he compliments her. However Kodaka just seems to be dealing with them from a platonic basis. Sena is too scary for him to see as girlfriend material and while there is more familiarity between him and Yozora, their frienship seems too stationary to develop into something more and she is very intimidating, therefore not giving much encouragement.

I guess the new episodes will clear up my growing curiosity on who ends up with who. In my head though, I want him to be with Yozora but a relationship between him and Sena could be very cute.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is still an entertaining watch and really does well to maintain one’s interest. The plot is progressing nicely, the humor is great and I am just happy.


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