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BwTgS Second Season and my life is complete…partially

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (lit. I Don’t Have Many Friends) is getting a second season!!

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai

I’m so happy about this. I watched this anime during September and completed it about two months (my first source failed with the last two episodes, so it took me awhile to find another source to watch). I forgot to add it in my history but then it isn’t, since I watched it recently.

For those who haven’t watched Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai, it is centered around five high school students who are inept at making friends, and two lolicons (Maria Takayama, a ten year old teacher of the school and Kodaka’s little sister, Kobata Haegawa.)

Yozora Mikazuki and Kodaka Hasegawa start the first episode and are the founders of the “Neighbor’s Club”.kodaka and yozora

(Kodaka is actually the co-founder since he suggested the idea and Yozora decided to act on it and forced him into the club). Kodaka and Yozora are very dissimilar characters. Yozora is abrasive, hard-headed and in the first episode is seen by Kodaka talking to her imaginary friend (which gives a first glance into the main characters’ social dysfunction). She does have a much softer side which manifests during the second to last episodes when Kodaka finally realizes she was his best friend ten years ago before he had to move away. Kodaka on the other hand, is more of a pacifist, a gentle and easy going person though many students fear him because of his misunderstood behaviors that creates the impression that he is a delinquent.

During the next two to three episodes, the other characters are introduced and are inducted into the club after figuring out Yozora’s complex invitation from the club’s flyer.

Sena Kashiwazaki

char_74126 I guess from the picture you can take the face value interpretation: she’s beautiful, intelligent and is the envy of the female population at St. Chronica’s and is loved by majority of the boys). I think that’s all that should be taken from the picture. Besides her picture perfection, she is arrogant, the daughter of the headmaster and is successful in school. Contrasting her aristocratic exterior though is a geeky, video game addict who just desires – and is desperate – to make friends with females.

Yukimura Kusunok

an_tv_boku_wa_tomodachi_cast_yukimura01_md The only other male of the group (which to me is very debatable because everything about him is just effeminate. It’s that reason why Kodaka feels very awkward around him though he has to keep reminding/convincing himself that Yukimura is a guy). Yukimura admires Kodaka’s unintentional intimidating aura and believes it is the core of manliness and therefore tries to emulate him by being his protege.

Maria Takayama

an_tv_boku_wa_tomodachi_cast_maria01_md The ten year old teacher of St. Chronica’s who gets tricked into being the club’s supervising teacher by Yozora’s manipulation. Just as her appearance, Maria is every bit of a child and clings to Kodaka, who she favors as her big brother.

Kobata Hasegawa

1334359636610 Kobata is Kodaka’s little sister and is a vampire/goth fanatic, obsessed with her anime show Full Metal Necromancer. She loves cosplay and pretends to be Reisys VI Felicity Sumeragi, emulating the mannerisms and actions of the 10,000 year old vampire. She is possessive of Kodaka and usually gets into fights with Maria because of that. Sena also has a liking for Kobata which scares her and causes her to cling to her brother whenever Sena is around.

Then there’s Rika Shiguma tumblr_mcpn414PqP1ri88lco1_500 And yes, she said that in one particular episode and I use this picture to shed light into how outrageously perverted this character is. She has absolutely no qualms about her perversion. She is a genius scientist and was introduced to the club after Kodaka saved her during a science experiment that went wrong. She openly flirts with Kodaka and is usually “disciplined” by Yozora to censor her behavior.

I found BwTgS by accident and love the fact that I wasn’t distracted from completing it. It’s a short series of only thirteen episodes and is full of comedic moments, emphasized by the characters’ social dysfunction and how they played off of it – specifically Yozora’s bullying of Sena and their constant arguments.

Although the opening theme contains fan service content, the episodes aren’t crammed with it. Which for me was a change from most of the other anime I watched during this year. The writers didn’t make fan service a crutch to carry this anime, which is commendable. It was used only as a sporadic element for comic relief – most of it supplied by Sena

562706-senagif (EXHIBIT A)

The plot really focuses on their social dysfunction and their efforts to at maintain a friendship in the club and work on their normalcy. Sena first tries making them socialize with the tactic of using online gaming with Monster Hunter in episode two. That episode was one of my favorites because of how relatable it was, being an online gamer myself and having to work in groups and the usual disunity that may occur.

The sequences of character development and the club members growth as becoming friends without the awkward moments were well done. In each episode as the individual characters were introduced, through dialogue and action a lot about their personalities can be gauged and interpreted. The main idea of the plot is not strayed from and remains refreshed throughout each episode because of their social weirdness that tends to creep up on them at one point or the other.

The humor is broadly structured and the content isn’t boring as through each episode, they explore new ways to become better at being normal and making friends; like going to the beach, going to karaoke and enjoying summer break at Sena’s family vacation house. Rika supplies random comic relief with her strange, sexual references and perverted outbursts.

Even though this anime series is light and fun, there is a dramatic undercurrent that gives the idea that everything should not be taken as a big joke. The characters learn to be dependent on each other and trust each other and even with the hovering trait of being social misfits, they learn to work together and form a little family unit. The first season ends with them about to go into another meeting of club activities and I’m just anxious for it to start again!

It’s really an enjoyable series and completely watchable. The second season will premiere some time in January 2013. I don’t have much longer to wait \O/ YUSH!!

I’ve been following up on the light novel on Baka Tsuki and I just cant wait for the series to start back up. I’m so pumped.


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  1. charlmeister
    January 11, 2013

    Thank you, glad you liked it.

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