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My history of anime

Let me start this off by saying I think I’ve only ever watched a total of 10 anime series in its entirety; if I don’t count Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh, YuYu Hakusho and a few others. Well…wait YuYu Hakusho is an exception I think. When I was younger I didn’t get the difference between cartoons and anime, actually I didn’t know about “anime” so to speak but I always noted a few discrepancies that made “anime” stand out for me. It was in eighth grade that a close friend of mine started yammering about a so called Vampire Knight.


At the time, I was interested, basically because it was a cartoon. So every time I referred to it as such she sharply corrected me as if I was disrespecting the anime gods or something like that. So then…I came to understand the animations sectioned under the “Anime” genre. Then once I got introduced, I think falling in love was instantaneous – from the art to the hilarious expressions to the Japanese language. English dubs aren’t bad, but there are only a few anime I can actually enjoy in English dub. Sometimes I think some of the comic relief is reduced to some extent in English dub. Maybe it’s because I’m stubborn to accept it or just love the outrageous yells the Japanese voice actors always make.

So, I had watched Vampire Knight…about the first 3 episodes and then just stopped. She then became my source of anime suggestions because at the time, I’m not sure if I was fully persuaded into watching anime religiously just yet. Then I found Inuyasha and fell in love completely with the series. inuyasha I became such a fanatic it was crazy. I can honestly say I went overboard – well in my opinion of overboard. I cried because Inuyasha wasn’t real, I collected pictures of him, I stayed up late nights until I still have the bags under my eyes as testament to being a religious watcher (and of many other anime). If cosplay was great here as it is in the US and other parts of the world that has these events and such, I’d have to have a second room because of all the costumes I’d get. I finished the 667 episodes of Inuyasha but I’m having trouble finishing the Final Act. Every time I get to the middle of the end of the series, I get sidetracked by other anime. My favorite character is hands down Sesshoumaru, he is just perfect in every aspect. I have a thing for those kind of characters if I’m honest. nSesshoumaru0201 - Copy

Then came Bleach but at the time I was interested but not so interested. I started it all over last year and finished everything and the manga in a matter of two months (insert insomnia here because of my Bleach greed). It does take the spot as one of my top favorite anime, because of all the rising points of action, the epic battles and the unleashing of Bankai forms was just exhilarating for me. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of Bleach. There were a few points at which I thought it fell short but the action redeemed those points for me. It really has a lot of content but I think there was so much going on that the writers decided leaving out a few details would be okay. Right now, the manga progression is depressing. So depressing, I almost lost my love for Bleach but then I was thinking that something like that would happen. But to know that Zaraki, Byakuya and Genryuusai (if I have the spelling right) got it like that, it hit it home for me that shit was really getting real in Bleach. I haven’t read again since the other day but the last time I updated myself I saw Ichigo getting about ready to meat the soul King (who has been a mystery ever since his title came up). Oh yes, before I forget Ulquiorra was and still is my favorite character in Bleach. Such a perfect yet imperfect soul.


Ulquiorra_Cero <_< huh? so how come this one shows so perfectly >_> what am I doing wrong?

…where was I? YES! So then after Vampire Knight (I finished that recently and I am so mad at Yuuki for not choosing Zero ><), Inuyasha and Bleach came Deathnote. I watched this in ninth grade and was not sidetracked by Avatar: The Last Airbenbder. Deathnote was just on so many different levels of epic that it was almost crazy. I must say though that the writers and artists took the epicness a little too far. Like the scene where Light was eating that potato chip.2530492

“I’ll take a potato chip…AND EAT IT!” (*gasp* no kidding o.o!) to the scenes where he went on with some eccentric writing styles; flinging his hand all over the place


Sometimes I wondered how the hell the pages didn’t tear or the book didn’t go sailing into the walls.

Just to emulate him, I tried that and remember throwing the book in the wall plus my hand got such a hard hit against the wall…I think I cried that night.

Deathnote was a really great anime, about a Shinigami named Ryuk, who dropped his Deathnote in the human world. It was a book that could kill a person by just writing a person’s name in a book (but there were a few guidelines regarding time frame, photographic memory and the details of the death) And it hapened that Light Yagami, star student at his school came upon the book and by doubt, trial and success decided to assume role as the new god the nation needed. It became even more interesting when L was introduced, a special detective (I think that’s what he was). He made the anime even more of a great watch, along with the epic deaths and dramatic OSTs of course. I think one of the main faults of this was that the episodes to the end were rushed after L’s death and N’s introduction. It wasn’t very satisfying but it was still good enough and I’d still watch the series over.

Then was Mermaid Melody Mermaidcast2  which at first I thought was some Sailor Moon knock off because of Luchia (the one in the center). The first few episodes were good but then after it just got tiresome and the complicated story of a love triangle where Luchia was split between her human self and mermaid self and Kaito’s love being undecided towards her split personalities (keep in mind he doesnt know Luchia is the same being as the mermaid) became a little drawn out and melodramatic. I think it’s the first anime where I’ve ever seen so much crying. Ugh. I had a lot of major eye roll moments. It was a bit of a sappy love story. Rena (or Lena is it?) was my favorite character – her tomboyish attitude and completely different style of dress when she transforms into a singer. That was another thing that kinda ticked me off. Since when is singing the combative tool against evil? It isn’t too much of a pull on my imagination and at first it was interesting but then the response of the villains just turned it into a big joke. Well…if only that were real. I didn’t really stick through this one. After about ten episodes, I skipped right to the last few concluding episodes to see if Luchia revealed herself as also being the mermaid Kaito had fallen in love with. And there had been some amnesia on Kaito’s part, but his memories were restored and I think they lived “happily ever after”. La di dah.


Then there was School Days Cover - Anime-mp3 I must say this is one drama filled anime. One of the few harems I’ve ever watched that ended so tragically and both upset and annoyed me to so many degrees; I just could not be appeased until I saw the ending (which I did four years ago but I never had actually watched it then). And even seeing the ending wasn’t enough until I quelled my anger with some Angel Beats. It began with a guy Itou Makoto (is that his name? xD) relating his story of having a crush on a girl who was in his year Katsura and taking her picture to see if some “cellphone charm” would work. Sekai, a girl in his class and the eventual problem in Itou’s life, saw the picture then decided to involve herself with hooking the two up. It progresses into Makoto wanting to do sexual things that Katsura wasn’t really accepting of and so Sekai decides to give him “practice sessions” on how to be a more refined lover. Evidently this would lead to emotions getting caught up in the mix until there was a love triangle transitioning to an outright love puddle of mess. It was just full of sex and deceit and Katsura’s refusal to believe Itou would ever cheat. But with all the free vaginas being thrust into his face, it is to be expected – especially because he is so shallow. And that is a very consistent trait in most of the characters – shallowness and complete idiocy (on Sekai’s, Katsura’s and Sekai’s best friend’s part.) It went from friends having sex behind a friend’s back, to best friends outright betraying loyalty to be with this one guy who is obviously…just in it for the sex and so air-headed it kinda hurt. Typing about it is pissing me off so let me just move on before I go into a tirade.

Darker_than_Black__Hei_v2_by_Dradise Darker than Black. I watched it during the summer and it was one of THE BEST anime I’ve watched in such a long (while during my Summer and the dates before that) time. The plot of contractors, persons who have sacrificed their humanity to have powers at the cost of a price which would include something they either hate or causes the pain. Hei, the protagonist of the story has an inner conflict man vs. self, debating on his humanity versus his contractor self. The characters are well developed, the plot is well developed. The Gaiden OVA series (which I so happened to stumble upon after the second season) helped me to understand Hei’s transition into a reckless drunk after the first season. Yin, my number one favorite character, was really his main support throughout the entire series and even when she transformed. The ending left me a little teary-eyed but it was a good conclusion to the series. *sniffles* ;-;

I’d put Naruto, but honestly I’ve only ever caught glimpses of episodes on television, to some short battle scenes my friends dragged me to watch. They tried to indoctrinate me into the Naruto fandom but it just wasn’t working. Way too many fillers and I just think it goes on forever.

Devil May Cry Dante-Attacking-devil-may-cry-anime-7554668-1024-768

I watched this recently after having a nostalgic moment while i watched the game play of DMC 3. It was amazing. It is amazing. Dante is just…if I wish any anime character was real right now it’s him. His fighting style; the guns the swords. My lord it just makes the anime perfect. I think the plot was very good, a very smooth and gradual pace to the rising point of action and the conclusion was very okay. Made me a little sad that it had ended but it was okay. I read some other reviews and while they praised DMC there was mention of it not really being up to the standard as was expected. I think they speak from the basis of the game but for me it was very good. Although it was a short series, I think it was satisfactory and well done.

H.O.T.D tumblr_md5prlUZUz1qb29gpo1_500 An anime about the zombie apocalypse and a few high school students, a nurse and other people who fight against the zombies and try to escape the infected region. I watched this in English dub. I much preferred the raw version and the voices went well with everything at points the voice of the pink haired chick (can’t remember her name)  annoyed me but it was still bearable to watch. The fighting style of each student really stands out. I think it’s bad that I can only remember Takashi, Saeko and Rei where names are concerned.  The only part that left me feeling a little uncomfortable was the boob matrix, it does strike ones imagination but at the same time is very disconcerting to an extent, for me. I sometimes look down at my chest wondering if my boobs could do that. HA! So unlikely. The ecchi scenes became soooo unnecessary many times, and at other intervals gave a really good laugh. I think Saeko is the sexiest and most bad ass character of all the girls.      image047_wm

Even though her love for killing may come off as psychotic, I can’t judge her. I love her. She’s an excellent swords woman and really knows how to tongue tie Takashi with her skimpy attire. There was a lot of action and apart from the disappointing moments LIKE WHERE I NEVER GOT TO SEE HIM KISS SAEKO *tears out hair*!! It was really good. The unnecessary ecchi points should have been given to some good Shoujo mush. The fade to black intimate scenes in H.O.T.D should have been revealed but I guess that was done for dramatic effect. In my head Takashi is with Saeko, as it should be.

Just as in my mind Inoue is with Ulquiorra, Rukia is with Ichigo, Yuuki is with Zero and…and…yeah those are my OTPs for right now. Oh, yeah and Zuko and Katara. I think I’m gonna conclude this entry by saying there are a few other anime series I have completed, I just fail to remember some of them.

Once my exams are over I shall throw myself into my world of anime…and gaming >_> yes, so many downloads. This calls for a new computer.


2 comments on “My history of anime

  1. holysorrows
    June 18, 2013


    I’m sad at myself for still not having watched Inuyasha through yet. At the time, I was watching it on Adult swim. Then I would miss episodes and I could never get back on track. I was really into Inuyasha too… I should get on Hulu or something.

    As for Death Note… up to where L was replaced was great. After that, well, not so much.

    Darker Than Black is one my favorites. I’ve enjoyed many anime from Bones studio. The episodic nature of series and how serious it can get at times reminds me of Cowboy Bebop. What other Bones anime do you like? I’ve seen you mention Cowboy Bebop (though not technically Bones) and of course Ouran Host Club.

    Too much of that ecchi element in Highschool of the Dead, so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would’ve liked.

    I think I’m going to have to come up with my own history post.

    • charlmeister
      June 19, 2013

      You should finish it, although I understand where you’re coming from because that’s the reason I dropped Bleach before. I still can’t finish the Final Act season no matter how hard I try so I guess we’re kinda in the same boat xD

      I really loved Zetsuen no Tempest and I should get to watching Soul Eater since I’ve heard a lot about that anime. Darker than Black will always be one of my top favorites ^^.

      The ecchi took away from how much I enjoyed H.O.T.D too. I thought it was just too much. I’d like to read your post on your history so I hope you do it soon 🙂

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